About the Event

Join us on September 21, 2024!

The Grand Parade is a family-friendly fundraiser walk held on Saturday, September 21, 2024 that helps support local charities who provide essential care and service for aging Canadians.

The Grand Parade is a moment to take to the streets across Canada to publicly honour aging friends and family, while fundraising for charities who serve them faithfully.

How to Participate

Select one of two fun ways to participate in 2024:

More Details

All participants must register online in order to participate in TGP.

TGP T-Shirts

Our thanks for a fundraising job well done!

When you go the extra mile and raise $150+ ($75+ if you’re a whippersnapper under 18), we’ll recognize your efforts with our oh-so stylish 2024 TGP t-shirt which you can pick-up on TGP Day.

Got questions about The Grand Parade?
info@thegrandparade.org | 1.877.743.3413