About the Event

Join us on September 18, 2021!

The Grand Parade is a family-friendly fundraiser Team Walk held on Saturday, September 18, 2021 that helps support local charities who provide essential care and service for aging Canadians.

The Grand Parade is a moment to take to the streets across Canada to publicly honour aging friends and family, while fundraising for charities who serve them faithfully.

Ways to Participate

There are a couple of equally fun and inspiring ways to participate this year, depending on your location:

More Details

All participants must register online in order to participate in the TGP Team Walk:

TGP T-Shirts

Earn your shirt early, show it off all summer!

When you go the extra mile and raise $150+ ($75+ if you’re a whippersnapper under 18), we’ll recognize your efforts with our oh-so stylish 2021 TGP t-shirt and, even better, we’ll ship it to you directly the moment you qualify.

Imagine an entire summer sporting your support? #caringiscool #swagbrag #summersunshine

Got questions about The Grand Parade?
info@thegrandparade.org | 1.877.743.3413