About the Event

The Grand Parade is a family-friendly fundraising walk that celebrates and supports ageing Canadians and their families across Canada.


Saturday, June 1, 2019


Registration opens at 9:00 am and the walk begins shortly after 10:00 am with participants returning an hour or so later for celebration snack (or lunch, depending on the capacity of each location)!


Participants register online to walk 2 or 5 km on a safe, looping 5 km route mapped out and signed for them with a rest stop and route marshals along the way to guide them safely.



Everyone is welcome. The event is very family-friendly. Walkers will range in age from toddlers with parents to active seniors. There is a route for everyone.


Teams and participants register online at The Grand Parade and then use the world-class online Fundhub to set-up their fundraising page, add a photo and message and email and thank donors who get receipted within minutes of their secure online gift.


The event isn’t a real parade of course - we aren’t closing down streets and marching - but walking together on sidewalks and paved paths will feel like one and that's kind of the point. To support Canadian seniors and celebrate them well. And, by fundraising, you'll be contributing much-needed money to a charity in your town bringing support and dignity to seniors in your community who often get ignored and left behind as they age.

Got questions about The Grand Parade?
info@thegrandparade.org / 1.877.743.3413