Download Tools + Forms

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Pledge FormCollect pledges manually with this handy sheet. (Or, do it online and save some paper!)
LogoDownload the new classic logo for The Grand Parade in a variety of formats.
Photo Pack 2022A fresh pack of photos from The Grand Parade, gorgeously shot by our official TGP volunteer photographers.
Powerpoint SlidesA selection of images, backgrounds, and design elements to spice up your TGP presentation.
Tips + Tricks
25 Recruiting Tips25 short ideas, tips, and tricks (with pictures!) to help you get people walking with you.
About the ChallengeLearn more about how your organization can get involved in TGP.
Fundraising TipsA quick one-pager with 8 breezy tips to jumpstart your fundraising mojo.
Tips for Team CaptainsWant to be the best team captain ever? We've compiled some smart but simple tips to help you captain to the max.
Video: MomentsAll these moments matter. And as we age, they matter even more.
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