Video 2023: Have a Hoot!

2023 Video: Have a Hoot!Break out the flags, pin on your buttons - The Grand Parade is here!

Break out the flags, pin on your buttons, and have a hoot - The Grand Parade is here!

TGP is a family-friendly fundraising walk full of years, and cheers! Together, we’re walking and fundraising to celebrate, honour, and support seniors, and aging friends and family.

The Grand Parade is a national fundraising walk held in cities and towns country-wide, but what makes it truly grand is that your fundraising stays right here at home. When you team up with friends and family for The Grand Parade, all your combined fundraising power directly benefits your local TGP charity and the seniors they serve - parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, your neighbours just down the street.

So hop on the float! Bring together your workplace, club, church, or community, and start a team, register to fundraise and walk, volunteer, donate, sponsor, and spread the word.

It’s the only walk that’s uphill, both ways. So don’t lollygag! Because we’re celebrating seniors with every step in The Grand Parade.

Got questions about The Grand Parade? | 1.877.743.3413