Video 2022

Video: Places Leave MarksAs you age, the little things mean more.

Places leave marks.

You live, you grow, you accumulate. Where someone else might see tchotchkes and trinkets, you see memories. Seasons of joy, times when everything changed, little in-between moments.

As you age, the little things mean more. Sometimes all that’s left of a year is a picture, a seashell, an earring. Not everything survives the move - things break, get lost, memories fade. And when it happens, it’s hard to shake the feeling that you’re losing a piece of yourself. Like you’re disappearing too. Like you’re being forgotten.

That’s why we’re walking in The Grand Parade - we don’t forget our roots. We’re gathering our communities to raise funds for local charities helping seniors and aging Canadians find dignity and respect.

So join us! Start a team, fundraise, walk, volunteer, donate, share. Let’s enjoy the old memories, and make new ones. It's the Celebration of a Lifetime.

Got questions about The Grand Parade? | 1.877.743.3413