What's the Challenge?

Bundle up your big-hearted business, school, community group or church in The Grand Parade!

About the Event

The Grand Parade (TGP) is a family-friendly fundraising walk that celebrates and supports aging Canadians and their families across Canada. We walk on Saturday, September 17, 2022!

Features + Benefits

Features + Benefits

TGP is a unique way for your company or community group to reach the wide audience of a national event while aligning yourself with local charities dedicated to making a difference.




Campaign Page

If your company or community group has 2 or more teams, you will have your own mini-event website page where your brand, message, and campaign results are listed

Easy to find, easy to track and fun for building buzz and competition among your teams

Campaign Coaching

From beginning to end, we're here to help you plan, recruit and support your campaign. We provide fast one-on-one support for any team captains you recruit.

Stress-free participation makes it easy for you to do great

Staff Involvement

TGP is a fun, family-friendly event that people of all ages and stages can participate in

Your staff, students or volunteers will feel pride flying their colours in this national event while having a great time together.

Local Impact

Money raised in TGP gets disbursed to the local charity your teams are walking and fundraising for in their community

Your teams of walkers will know they're making a real difference in the lives of the hungry, homeless and hurting in their town

How do I join?

Click the register button and follow the prompts.

Hot tip: Make sure the name of your business or group is represented in the team name and choose the challenge category that best suits you.

How do I get my own challenge page?

Contact Jen Taylor, our Challenge coordinator with any questions about the program and to get your company set up fast - normally within an hour!

  • Phone: 1-877-743-3413
Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions - we have answers!

Who do I contact about the Challenge?

  • Phone: 1-877-743-3413

Why do we need to recruit multiple teams to get our own page? Why can't we just have one big team?

  • More teams encourage more competition in fundraising, and that's the goal of the event!
  • There is greater accountability with smaller teams
  • Ideally, you'll recruit teams in more than one location
  • It will make your Corporate Challenge Partner page more interesting and increase your campaign buzz

Do I have to raise money for the charity in the location I am walking for or can I choose a different one?

Yes - you must raise money for the charity in the location where you're walking.

Some of our employees need to work on Saturdays, can they do the walk at a different time?

Yes! They would be walking under the understanding that they would not have the support of our event leaders and volunteers, and must ensure that their fundraising is submitted to our offices. See our FAQ for more information.

Our company likes to volunteer - can we still participate in the challenge if we volunteer instead of walk?

No - sorry! While we appreciate and need volunteers at every location, the corporate challenge is restricted to teams of fundraisers.

Our company has a matching grant program - do you accept matching grants?

Yes! We sure do. Try to get the ball rolling on any matching grants as early as possible, as sometimes these can take time to process. Matching grant cheques can be forwarded to The Grand Parade, 260-659 King St. E., Kitchener, ON, N2G2M4.

Our company would like to sponsor the celebration meal/become a distance sponsor/sponsor in other ways, and ALSO have some teams in the event - can we do that?

You sure can. Contact your local Event Director (you can find this information on your location page) to talk about becoming a distance/event/goods & services sponsor.

How can I connect with the local charity in our city?

Contact your Event Director - details on your location page.

Do our two teams need to walk in the same location?

No - your teams can walk at any of our TGP locations from coast to coast!

Do all the members of my team have to be people from work or can I have family members and friends on my team?

No. As long as the team captain and the majority of team members are from work, school or church (your organization), it's fine to have friends and family join in.

Where does the money go? Does it stay local?

The money each of your teams raises will go towards the charity they selected during registration - usually, this is the host charity in the city where they walked. You can see full details on how our financial model works here.

Does everyone on my team have to walk the same distance?

No - walkers select their distance individually when they sign up, and you can have walkers selecting different distances all on the same team. It is more fun when you walk together, though!

Got questions about The Grand Parade?
info@thegrandparade.org | 1.877.743.3413