Get Five Campaign

The Get Five campaign is the better, cooler, stress-free way to fundraise. Rather than setting a fundraising goal, set a goal of getting 5 donors!

Why five donors?

Because getting 5 donors makes you a fundraising hero. You're putting yourself out there in a big way and making your walk really count. You can't predict what your donors will give, but chances are your results will be fantastic! And if every walker like you gets 5 donors, the charity you're walking for will do great and get 5 times the attention!

Yeah, but why 5 specifically?

Well first, it just sounds cool. We made a logo and everything! But also, the average donation in the TGP is fifty bucks or so - some lower, some higher - and so we think it's a great way to think about hitting your goal.

Where do I even start?

Update your personal fundraising page with two important things:

When the donors you ask come to your personal fundraising page, they'll a) love seeing your face, and b) enjoy reading your 'why'.

Where can I find 5 donors?

Here is the secret to fundraising success. Ready? You'll need to ask some people. That's really it! Here are some stress-free suggestions to Get Five donors, easy:

  • Donation #1: The easiest one - make a self-donation first! That takes you from merely registered to committed - people will see you're serious when they come to your personal fundraising page. Boom, you're 20% there!
  • Donation #2: Email your mom, dad, grandma, or favourite uncle, and ask for a donation. Explain why you are walking and why giving encourages you and helps your charity, which in turn helps your community. They love you - they'll give. Voila, 2 donors down!
  • Donation #3: Look your best friend in the eye, explain what you're doing, and ask for $50. They've got the money, you know they do - what are friends for? While you're at it, go ahead and ask them to join your team. Look at you - 3 donors already!
  • Donation #4: Cosy up to your crush/spouse/general bae all cha-cha smooth and ask them for a donation commensurate with their love for you. They might expect you to give too if they're walking, but hey, all's fair in love and fundraising, right?
  • Donation #5: Connect with your favorite work friend or boss, tell them how you are humbly making a difference in your community, and ask them for a donation. They'll give to you because they feel honoured that you're asking them, and because they're proud of you for being a world changer.

How do I ask them?

What about social media?

Sure, it's worth a shot, why not? But you can't beat face-to-face - it's the best and fastest way to Get Five, guaranteed. Your early momentum will encourage you and help make the fundraising experience positive.

Facebook Fundraising Note: Don’t use Facebook's specific fundraising buttons, they make kind of a mess of things for your donors and your charity - just share your Fundhub link and you’ll do great.

So... I don't need a fundraising goal then?

Your first goal is to get to 5 donors - that's all you need. After that, who cares? Maybe you'll feel like such a pro that you'll want to keep going, maybe you'll want to see that thermometer fill all the way up, maybe you'll keep pushing up that goal every time you get close to keep it going - the sky's the limit!

Okay, but why not 'Get 7'?

What are you even talking about, Get 7 is a terrible idea. Nobody has ever wanted to Get 7, get out of here with that noise you silly goose.

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